Behind on Water or Wastewater Bills?

The Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) may be able to help you pay your water or wastewater utility bill. LIHWAP is a federally funded program that offers low-income households a one-time payment to help pay outstanding bills for residential water or wastewater costs. The amount of help that you may get will depend on the past due balance of your household’s residential water and wastewater bills. Households whose utility payments are in their rent may also be eligible for LIHWAP.

LIHWAP can offer a one-time payment to help you:

  1. Pay your residential water and wastewater utility bills.
  2. Manage an emergency or water crisis, such as a service disconnection.

If you are struggling to afford your residential water or wastewater bills, please visit  or call (866) 675-6623 to see if you qualify for payment assistance through LIHWAP. The City of Huntington Beach is enrolled in the LIHWAP Direct Payment Program.

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