HB Lifeguards Offer Swimming Safety Tips

In the United States, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages one to four.  Drowning is fast and silent, and can happen in as little as 20-60 seconds, claiming an average of 4,000 people each year. Our Huntington Beach Marine Safety Division wants to remind everyone of some key water safety tips when you are near any body of water.  

Life-saving skills: Everyone should know the basics of swimming (floating, moving through the water) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Learn to swim: Learning to swim can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent for one to four-year-olds who take formal swim lessons.

Barriers work: Four-sided isolation fences, with self–closing and self–latching gates, around backyard swimming pools can help keep children away from the area when they aren’t supposed to be swimming. Pool fences should completely separate the house and play area from the pool.

Wear life jackets: Make sure kids wear life jackets in and around natural water bodies, such as lakes or the ocean, even if they know how to swim. Life jackets can be used in and around pools for weaker swimmers too.

Stay vigilant: Close supervision is required when kids are in or near water (including bathtubs), at all times. Drowning happens quickly and quietly, so adults watching kids in or near water should avoid distracting activities like playing cards, reading books, talking on the phone, and using alcohol or drugs.

Our lifeguards are always happy to talk with you about how you can ensure you are water safe. Remember, it only takes seconds to drown, so learning how to swim is essential to safety. For more information on water safety visit stopdrowningnow.org.

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