Huntington Beach is among the top five water savers in Orange County and continues to lead by example in water conservation!  The City of Huntington Beach has responded to the State’s call for action to reduce water usage. From June to August, the City reduced water use by an average of nearly 12 percent. 

Let’s keep up the good work HB!

Outdoor landscaping accounts for about half of all urban water use.  There are many ways we can all continue to be more water-efficient:

  • Schedule irrigation systems to run in the morning to reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation.
  • Check for overspray. Water should be hitting plants, not streets or sidewalks.
  • Convert spray heads to drip irrigation and deliver water directly to root zones where plants need it most.
  • Install a smart sprinkler timer that automatically adjusts to changing weather conditions.
  • Add mulch to flower and vegetable beds to retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, prevent run-off, and improve soil nutrient levels.
  • Replace thirsty grass with climate-appropriate plants that require less water.  Visit the Surf City Gardening site to learn more.

Rebates make it easy to save water! The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) offers a variety of water use efficiency rebates, including smart sprinkler timers, rotating sprinkler nozzles, drip irrigation, turf removal, rain barrels, and high efficiency clothes washers and toilets. Need a reminder to adjust your sprinklers? Sign up for free sprinkler adjustment reminder emails that tell you when/how to use the percent adjust feature on your basic sprinkler timer, ensuring proper watering year round. For more information, visit the MWDOC website.      

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