From the storm drain system below you to the streetlights above you, it’s your city’s public works team that makes it all possible. 

The City of Huntington Beach invites you to the Public Works Open House to Celebrate National Public Works Week, on Tuesday, May 23 at 5:00 p.m. The event will be taking place as part of the Surf City Nights Event, hosted by the Huntington Beach Downtown BID. The Open House will be located downtown on Walnut and Main St. Enjoy a very special Surf City Nights evening with free family fun, equipment displays, booths, giveaways, and exhibits.  

Cities need infrastructure, planning, maintenance, and care that wouldn’t be possible without the Public Works Department.  “National Public Works Week” is celebrated annually to recognize the contributions, services, and hard work that public works provides for the community. This year’s theme is “Connecting the World,” which highlights how public works connects communities through infrastructure and service, to improve the safety, health, and livelihood of a city.  

Paved city streets, storm drains, water and sewer lines, traffic signals and tree maintenance are only a few of the many jobs that the public works team specializes in. Public works equipment, tools, and staff will be on hand at the event and available for questions. With miniature models, trucks, games, and demonstrations, there is fun to be had by the whole family. Come support the backbone of Huntington Beach, the City’s Public Works. 

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