All public city meetings – from the jet noise commission and historic resources board, to the planning commission and city council – are open to the public and everyone has the right to speak on issues affecting our city.  Our city leaders encourage the public to take part in public meetings by attending and participating in our various city commissions, boards, and City Council meetings. 

To find the meeting date, time, and agenda of the board, commission, or City Council meeting you’d like to attend, click on the city’s public meeting calendar here.  This will help make sure that you are speaking to the proper decision-making body depending on the topic you’d like to discuss. 

When attending a City Council meeting, you’ll want to fill out a speaker’s card and note on the card whether the item you wish to speak about is on the agenda or not.  Give this card to the City Clerk who is one of the staff members seated on the floor level facing the council members.  You are welcome to speak on items that are not on the agenda during the general public comment period.

Whether the item is on the agenda or not, your name will be called by the City Clerk and you will be allowed to speak for up to three minutes. 

If you have supplemental written information you’d like to provide the decision-making body, please send it by 2:00 pm on the day of the meeting to [email protected].  Written material  received after 2:00 pm on the day of the meeting will be made part of the official public record subsequent to the meeting. 

If you would like more information about public comments during city meetings, please go to our city webpage here. 

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