Mayor Barbara Delgleize Provides the Latest on COVID-19 and Details on FREE At-Home Tests

As we have all seen, Omicron cases continue to rise across the U.S., accounting for 99.5% of all COVID-19 cases. An average of 777,000 new cases and 1,800 deaths due to Omicron are being reported every day. Fortunately, scientists are noticing that the virus is not moving across the country at the same pace. Many major cities are seeing a decline in COVID-19 cases, but areas in the south and Midwest are still seeing significant increases.

In Huntington Beach, an additional 2,486 COVID-19 cases have been reported since January 12, 2022. The Orange County COVID-19 numbers continue to go up. The County has seen almost a 300% increase in case rates in the last week. However, I am thrilled to hear that experts are starting to see some potential plateauing of new cases. While it may take several more days before they can definitively state whether or not that is the case, I am hopeful we will begin to see a decline in cases soon.

The big news recently is the availability of free, at-home COVID-19 testing kits being made available from the federal government. Everyone can now order free COVID-19 tests by visiting Every household may order up to four tests simply by visiting the website and inputting your name and the residential address for where the tests should be sent to. The tests are said to take 7-12 days to ship, so I encourage everyone to take advantage and order your tests now so you have them on hand when you need them.

For those who purchased at-home COVID-19 testing kits, private insurance companies are being mandated by the federal government to reimburse those costs. Reimbursements are to be done through your health insurance provider. Please contact your provider if you wish to learn more.

I am really looking forward to getting together in-person again soon. I miss seeing and speaking with everyone face to face and I am excited to resume town halls, events and other indoor meetings. I hope everyone is staying healthy and I wish you all the very best in 2022!

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