Last night, myself and City Attorney Michael Gates hosted a successful Housing Town Hall event at our Senior Center in Central Park where we had a great turnout. Thank you to everyone who joined us to learn more about the City’s housing plan and ongoing litigation with the State.

On Tuesday, I, along with Mayor Pro Tem Van Der Mark, Council Member McKeon, and City Attorney Michael Gates took part in a joint press conference with Code Four announcing the return of the Pacific Airshow to Huntington Beach. I am thrilled to welcome back this family-friendly event that brings in revenue and recognition for our City.

As part of my Mayor’s initiatives, I have been busy in the community actively meeting with businesses and residents. From hosting Town Hall meetings, to Coffee with the Mayor events, to promoting pet adoptions, I am passionate about getting to know our community on a personal level and making a difference by listening to my constituents and bringing their input and ideas back to City Hall. Like I always say, “God gave me two ears and one mouth for a reason!”

Over the past months, I have congratulated hundreds of individuals, businesses, and sports teams through my Mayor’s Community Spotlight Awards. Each month, I like to take a few hours to recognize those in the community doing great work!  From acknowledging top sponsors of the City’s major events, to celebrating the accomplishment of our high school athletic teams, I love being able to applaud your efforts!  If you have someone that deserves a certificate, please email [email protected].

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