New, Energy Efficient Street Lights Coming to Crest Avenue

Starting this fall, the City will be starting the process of replacing 80-year-old street lights on Crest Avenue between 14th Street and Main Street, and on Orange Avenue between 2nd Street and 11th Street. The project will replace the old street lights with new lights, which includes updated poles, fixtures, conduit and conductors. 

The existing, deteriorating street lights operate at a high voltage of 6,000 volts, and the new lighting will run at a standard voltage of 240 volts. The project includes using long-lasting, energy efficient LED lighting fixtures that will have a flat lens rather than the current concave lens.

To install the new light fixtures, the contractor will occasionally need to temporarily close sidewalks and streets. On-street parking will be restricted in certain locations during construction on Crest Avenue and Orange Ave to ensure safe working conditions.  The existing street lights will be removed when then new system is up and operating. 

Each year, the City’s Public Works Department replaces aging and high voltage street light systems through the Capital Improvement Projects program. The project is paid for using Infrastructure Funds and Proposition 42 funding.

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