Orange County Power Authority Residential Transition Details

In February 2021, the Huntington Beach City Council voted to join the Orange County Power Authority (OCPA), a new energy provider committed to procuring a majority of their electricity from renewable energy sources like wind and solar.  As a member of the OCPA, Huntington Beach is one of five Orange County jurisdictions participating in this lasting effort to power our homes and businesses in more sustainable ways.

Starting October 2022, Huntington Beach residents will automatically become customers of the OCPA, however, customers can make a few choices:

(1) Remain an OCPA customer which requires no action on the customer’s part, or

(2) Opt out of the OCPA and remain with Southern California Edison as your default provider of energy by visiting or calling (866) 262-7693.

Please note: commercial customers have already transitioned in April 2022, and residential customers will transition in October 2022.  Please refer to any OCPA mailers and their website at for details on time frames to opt out.

Customers who stay with OCPA will have an additional choice regarding their electricity rate:

(1) Keep the 100% Renewable Choice default rate sourced from 100% renewable energy sources.  This requires no action on the customer’s part.  This default rate is ~1.5 cents per kWh higher than the default SCE rate which comes from ~34% renewable energy sources, or

(2) Select the 69% Renewable Smart Choice which is approximately 1 cent per kWh higher than SCE’s rate, or

(3) Select the 38% Renewable Basic Choice, which is the same as SCE’s rate 

To obtain an estimate of the potential cost difference between your SCE and OCPA bill, please gather your latest SCE bill and enter required information in this comparison calculator on OCPA’s website.

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