Looking to immerse yourself in a creative and engaging cultural showcase? As a way to bridge humanity and the arts, the Huntington Beach Human Relations Committee is hosting a cultural showcase in honor of Black History Month to educate communities locally and abroad through short-films curated from across the world. The community is invited to take part in this cultural showcase in a variety of ways:

  1. View family-friendly showcase content weekly on HBTV Channel 3 now through March 15, 2022.
  2. Register for the FREE virtual showcase available online February 18-20, 2022.
  3. Attend in-person on Thursday, March 24th, at the Huntington Beach Public Library, located at 7111 Talbert Avenue. The in-person showcase will feature panelists and special guest moderator Kira Talise from HBO’s “Insecure” created by Issa Rae.

Due to COVID-19, the Black History Month Cultural Showcase has been extended through March. Some of the 2022 Black History Month Showcase films include Marabou directed by Thomas Sideris (Greece); There’s A Method to My Madness directed by Liberty Novoselac (USA); Looking for Me directed by Asha Flowers (USA). To view the full list of in-person showings, click here.

Newly renamed and established in 2021, the Huntington Beach Human Relations Committee, “inspires and promotes mutual understanding, respect, safety and the wellbeing of all in our community through education and engagement.” Through their mission, the HBHRC works closely with the Police Department to ensure mutual understanding, safety, and well-being of others are upheld in the community. By using the arts to promote human dignity, the Committee hopes to better our community.

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