Sparklers, Flowers, & Snakes – Oh My!

Help HB non-profits in a safe and sane way this 4th of July.

It is legal to use safe and sane fireworks in Huntington Beach this Independence Day.  Even better, if you buy your safe and sane fireworks in Surf City, your sparkler celebration will help our local non-profit youth sports, charities and high school student clubs and organizations right here in Huntington Beach.

Fifteen different non-profit groups will operate 15 different fireworks stands around the city this summer, selling safe & sane fireworks to raise money for their organizations.  Five of the non-profit groups selected will represent youth sports in HB.  Five will represent HB high school student clubs and organizations.  And five will represent civic organizations for civic betterment, charitable, or religious purposes. Only one application per non-profit group is allowed. 

Applications are available now through March 31st at 5:00 p.m. on the City’s website. To qualify, the non-profit organization must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a registered non-profit organization (with a valid Tax ID number)
  2. Have a principal and permanent meeting place within the City
  3. Provide direct and regular community services and benefits to the residents of Huntington Beach

At the Tuesday, April 18 City Council Meeting, a lottery will be conducted to select five organizations from both the Youth Sports and Civic Organizations categories.  Four public high schools will conduct their own lottery between student clubs and organizations and can dedicate the stand to not more than two groups.  The fifth booth in this category is dedicated to a private high school applicant. 

Discharge of safe and sane fireworks are only permitted on the 4th of July from noon to 10:00 p.m.and are prohibited on the ocean side of Pacific Coast Highway, within 10 feet of a home, building, or oil well.  They are also prohibited within 300 feet of a fireworks stand or within 100 feet of a gas station.

Finally, after your display is finished, please leave your location cleaner than how you found it.  Dispose of the spent fireworks properly and don’t leave them in the street.

Have a safe and celebratory Independence Day this 4th of July!

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