New Public Art Piece Unveiled

On Thursday, May 4, the City unveiled its newest piece of public art titled, “To See Yourself in Nature.” The piece was designed by artists Matt Neibur and David Dahquist from RDG Planning & Design and is located behind Central Library, just east of the Secret Garden. 

The art features two curved pillars, each standing 13 feet tall. The piece is crafted of etched bronze and hand-finished stainless steel. Additional details of the unveiling and art piece can be found here.

Emergency Line Repair

On Saturday, May 6, staff from the Public Works Department’s Utilities Division responded to an emergency water line repair on Warner Avenue between Beach Boulevard and Gothard Street. During the repair of a failed water valve, two nearby hydrant valves failed, creating a significant emergency. More than a dozen of Public Works employees across multiple divisions performed an 18-hour emergency repair. 

Additional repairs are needed and will be scheduled within the next few weeks. Impacted businesses and residents will be notified if water service interruptions are to occur.

Beach Path Speed Feedback Signs

The Public Works Department’s Traffic & Transportation Division installed several speed feedback signs along the beach path between Beach Boulevard and Seapoint Street. The signs are the final step in the first phase of operational improvements along the beach path.

The beach path is popular among a variety of users and the department recognizes the importance of providing defined spaces for bicyclists and other visitors, updated messaging and signage, as well as active feedback on travel speeds to improve safety and enhance the over experience. 

RPM Moto Surf Event

On Saturday, May 6, and Sunday, May 7, the RPM Moto Surf Event showcased the racing and freestyle genres of aquatic jet moto sports in Huntington Beach with approximately 120 racers and freeride participants as well as an estimated 6,000 spectators. 

Lifeguards and Emergency Medical Service crews provided oversight, safety, and area closure enforcement. Fire Department personnel responded to land-based medical aids and aquatic calls for assistance from participants due to the challenging surf conditions that existed during the event.

Edgewater Sewer Lift Station Improvements

The Public Works Department maintains 27 sewer lift stations throughout the City. In order to quickly address response times and improve efficiency, the department is phasing out aging sewer lift stations and installing larger wet wells.

The new infrastructure design calls for double-door hatches over the wet wells. The hatches are not airtight and periodically leak sewer gases. The department reconstructed the Edgewater Sewer Lift Station to properly fit the air scrubbers and mufflers to prevent odor and noise complaints. The new fixtures are proven to be successful and may be used at additional sewer lift stations moving forward. 

Public Works Open House – May 23

The City invites you to the Public Works Open House to celebrate National Public Works Week, on Tuesday, May 23 at 5:00 p.m. The event will take place as part of the Surf City Nights Event, hosted by the Huntington Beach Downtown Business Improvement District. The Open House will be downtown on Walnut and Main Street. Enjoy a very special evening with free family fun, equipment displays, booths, giveaways, and exhibits.

“National Public Works Week” is celebrated annually to recognize the contributions, services, and hard work that public works provide for the community. This year’s theme, “Connecting the World,” highlights how public works connect communities through infrastructure and service, to improve the safety, health, and livelihood of our City.    

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