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The City of Huntington Beach has launched the new website, Safe Beach Day, to provide real-time beach condition information for City beaches and Sunset Beach. The Safe Beach Day website is a first of its kind digital dashboard that provides Huntington Beach residents and visitors with up to the minute details on aquatic risk, wave height, water temperature, stingray activity, and more. The free website allows beachgoers to take advantage of a variety of details to supplement their existing beach safety routine.

“There is no denying that here in Huntington Beach, one of our greatest and most visited locations are our beaches,” said Mayor Barbara Delgleize. “The introduction of the Safe Beach Day website is sure to provide our City’s beach visitors with a better and more informed day at the beach.”

The Huntington Beach Fire Department’s Marine Safety Division worked collaboratively with Watchtower Solutions to be the first City in the United States to unveil this cutting-edge tool. The digital dashboard utilizes real-time data acquired through call for service requests to populate information such as:

  • Frequency and location of stingray activity;
  • Water safety conditions, including reported rip current locations and wave height;
  • Pertinent weather details, including emergency weather events;
  • Frequently asked questions, and;
  • Tower locations and directions.

While the website is built to be a resource for beachgoers, it also aids in directing staff resources and response. The information displayed through Safe Beach Day provides our Marine Safety staff with insight to drive staffing and provide a better and safer beach experience for our community. In addition to the ample information already included on Safe Beach Day, beach parking conditions and capacity will be added in the future. The website will display an approximate representation of beach parking capacity, allowing visitors the opportunity to modify parking plans based on availability. This enhancement is expected to be available before summer. Inclusion of Huntington Harbor beach conditions will also be coming soon.

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