HB Volunteer Opportunities – Dog Walker Watch

You have a chance to take a bite out of crime.  As part of the City’s community policing efforts, the Huntington Beach is asking dog walkers to be aware during your regular walks and report any suspicious behavior or activities. 

Remember, people are not suspicious… behavior is suspicious.  For example, you may see vehicles traveling at abnormally low or high speeds without lights during the evening or early morning hours. Or you may witness a theft or break-in in progress. 

It’s important that you report crime safely.  Wait until you are out of sight of the suspect. Try to avoid coming in contact with the suspect because you never know if they may be armed or aggressive. 

To report suspicious behavior, call the Huntington Beach Police Department at (714) 960-8811. If it is an emergency, always call 9-1-1. When you contact the Police Department, report your location and be aware of major cross streets and direction.  Clarify what exactly is occurring and provide all necessary details such as height, weight, clothes, tattoos and other identifying information.  You can report suspicious activity anonymously. 

You may also report code enforcement violations such as graffiti or neglected property.  Download the MyHB app on your mobile device to report a variety of issues immediately. 

For more information, please contact the City at [email protected].  

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